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Programs and projects can be complex, conceptually, but also socially and politically. Management of stakeholders becomes important especially when the success of a program or project is dependent on the cooperation of different parties; SAY has been developed to make stakeholder management easier.

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SAY is the first project method systematically mapping progress as well as mindsets and moods during change, enabling the cracking of the real message of stakeholders. SAY delivers clear, insights, mapping more accurately, systematically and methodically, the status but also the interests, perceptions, mindsets and moods of all relevant stakeholders.

SAY is making stakeholder management more effective!
  • SAY significantly reduces risk of project failure
  • SAY provides an early warning for stakeholder problems
  • SAY adds transparency and accountability to stakeholder management
  • SAY enables project managers and consultants to prioritize their actions
  • SAY provides facts to decide on required consulting or implementation support
  • SAY provides insights into the effectiveness of project teams
  • SAY makes the intangibles tangible

SAY gives a competitive edge for business development!
  • SAY affirms the high quality / standards and innovativeness of your organization
  • SAY strengthens existing service offerings
  • SAY enables you to identify new opportunities with existing clients and new prospects
  • SAY requires limited effort from client, is easy to understand and has short turnaround time
  • SAY provides opportunities for new service offerings
  • SAY is a strategic advantage in proposals and tenders

SAY is scientific based and designed to monitor projects and manage systematically the “soft side of change”. SAY is based on more than 20 years of measuring values and drives with over 250.000 people in more than 40 countries. SAY makes the change, all in a very cost ant time efficient way!

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SAY is a product of SAYteam, a company
based in the Netherlands

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